Preparing Your Items

At Honey Bee Kidzsignment, we pride ourselves on the quality of our sale. We accept only quality, clean and gently-used or new items. Check your clothing for stains, holes, missing buttons/snaps, broken zippers, fading etc. Toys MUST be clean, complete, working and include batteries (if applicable). Baby gear MUST be cleaned and wiped down. Our reputation is your reputation. Nothing can be stained, have animal hair, smoke or moldy smells, be broken, have holes in it or missing pieces. We will reject such items during the check in process.

Are your clothing items old and out of style or did lots of kids wear them? Please don’t bring those items. They won’t sell. We want to have a sale that has nice, clean, stylish and reusable items. Remember our sale is your sale. If customers think the items are outdated or accidentally buy a broken item they won’t come back to our sale. If you question whether or not we will accept an item’s condition, you should probably leave it at home.  Be sure to read our list of acceptable and unacceptable items. Click HERE

Ready to get started?

1. Gather tagging items


  • WHITE CARD STOCK ONLY. NO PAPER, it’s not durable and will rip easily. If the tag is missing we can’t sell it. NO colored card stock, it affects our scanning ability. After entering all your inventory into our software system you will print off tags and attach them to your merchandise.
  • String, zip ties, rubber bands or ribbon. Use rubber bands for puzzles or game boxes. Use zip ties/String/Ribbon for shoes, and to bundle toys and accessories together.
  • Child-sized PLASTIC hangers for kids clothing and adult-sized PLASTIC hangers for adult clothing. DO NOT USE WIRE HANGERS they rip and snag clothing. WalMart, Target and the Dollar Tree sell bundles of hangers for $1. You could also call stores to see if they have any free plastic hangers they are giving away. Children’s clothing will present better hanging on the correct size hanger.
  • Plastic bags of all sizes. You will use these to bundle socks, onesies, PJs, toys and accessories. 2-Gallon sized zip baggies are excellent for larger toys, Mega Blocks, Lego Duplos, action figure sets, etc. Not all stores carry that size. I have found them in the past at the Dollar Tree.
  • Packing tape, masking tape and/or painters tape. You will use packing tape to seal bags closed and fix tags to some items. Use painters tape to fix tags to items that packing tape will damage such as books or other delicate paper-like surfaces.
  • Safety pins (1.5 inch are the best size) or tagging gun for clothing. We prefer you safety pin all clothing but you can also use a tagging gun. IMPORTANT– If you chose to use a tagging gun BE CAREFUL where you pierce your clothing. The needle is larger than a safety pin and you will create a hole wherever you use it.
  • Plastic Cellophane Wrap. Use this to wrap your wooden puzzles. Customers can see all the pieces while securing the whole puzzle together.
  • Magic Eraser. Use a magic eraser to remove scuffs and other marks.
  • Batteries. Each toy/item that require batteries must have them in place and working
  • Computer (or phone) and Printer. You will need this to print off your tags.


2. Gather the items you want to sell and clean them

  • Do you need ideas of what to sell? CLICK HERE
  • Clothes should be freshly laundered before you hang it. Consider ironing it.
  • CAREFULLY inspect all items. Do not bring anything with rips, holes or stains.
  • All other items should be wiped clean.
  • Remember, presentation is everything. The nicer your items are displayed, the more you will sell and at higher prices.

3. Organize your items

  • Separate your clothing by gender and size so that you have one pile per gender per size (for example one pile 2T girls, another 4T boys, another books etc.)
  • With items that have lots of pieces, bag them together so they aren’t lost.


4. Hang Clothing


  • Almost all clothing should be hung on plastic hangers. This includes long/short sleeve shirts, pants, shorts, PJs, dresses, costumes, coats, swimwear, snow pants, maternity, and nursing items. We recommend you also hang onesies but you may put them in bags.
  • Use child-size for kids clothing and adult-sized hangers for nursing and maternity.
  • Don’t fold pants over the bottom of the hanger. Pin them to the hanger (see the picture below)
  • Make sure to safety pin together outfit pieces. During the sale each hanger may be handled multiple times. You don’t want your pieces to fall off and get lost. Items without tags can’t be sold.
  • The hanger should look like a “question mark” with the FRONT of the outfit facing you. (see the picture below).
  • Secure you tags with a safety pin in the upper right hand corner of the item. You may choose to put packing tape over the pins for added security.
  • IMPORTANT – If you chose to use a tagging gun BE CAREFUL where you pierce your clothing. The needle is larger than a safety pin and you will create a hole wherever you use it.



  • *IMPORTANT* Bar Codes CANNOT be covered with tape. The scanner will be unable to read the tag at checkout. You may use packing tape on some surfaces but DO NOT use packing tape on books, movies, puzzles, games or other delicate surfaces. Use painters tape instead.
  • Shoes and boots– Shoes/boots must be clean and free from dirt/mud and not smelly. Did you know that some shoes can be put in your washing machine? Read more about cleaning shoes HERE. Use a magic eraser to remove scuffs and other marks. Use ribbon or zip-ties to secure them together. If there is no loop on the shoe/boots you may want to bag them or securely rubberband them together.
  • Socks, Tights, Unused-Underwear or Onesies – bag together multiples of the same item of the same size.
  • Large Items (Infant Equipment, Bikes, Kitchens etc.) – Attach the tag using masking or clear packing tape, zip ties (available at Home Depot)  or a string/ribbon pulled through the hole punch on the tag.
    • If you are selling a crib or other items that are disassembled, be sure to assemble them at home, double check that the item works and that all the pieces are accounted for. Take a picture of it and secure the picture with the tag to the outside of your item.
    • Include the owners manual.
  • Items with Small Parts/Accessories– Small parts or accessories should be contained in a zip-lock bag and securely closed (with packing tape). This is crucial to prevent the bag from being opened and small parts misplaced or lost. Attach the tag using scotch or masking tape so not to damage the tag (or cover the bar code) during checkout. Mark the bottom/side of item with a small piece of masking tape listing your consignor ID. If the tag is accidentally removed, we will now know whom the item belongs to and contact that consignor for new tagging information.
  • Toys– Attach tag to the item using scotch or masking tape, zip ties or string/ribbon. Make sure tag is secure. We will NOT sell any item without a tag.                 
  • Books – ONLY USE PAINTERS TAPE. Other types of tape will damage the surface. Consider making book bundles with rubber bands.
  • DVDs – Review all DVDs prior to tagging. Make sure the DVD is in the package and that the movie WILL play. ONLY USE PAINTERS TAPE. Other types of tape will damage the surface.
  • Puzzles – Double check that all the pieces are there.
    • Wooden puzzles: Put inside a plastic baggie or wrap in plastic cellophane and then tape.
    • Box puzzles: rubber band the box shut or use PAINTERS tape to seal it.
  • Games – rubber band the box shut or use PAINTERS tape to seal it.
  • Car Seats and Baby Gear: Is your car seat expired? Throw it away. It is illegal for us to sell an expired car seat or booster seat and items that have been recalled. It is up to you to make sure nothing is on the recall list.

5. Enter and Print Tags        

Honey Bee Kidzsignment uses a bar coding tagging system for our sale. This system makes our sale extremely efficient! 

  • To register for the upcoming sale (new or returning consignor), please visit the REGISTRATION PAGE and follow the instructions. Your consignor number will be assigned by the system. You will use your consignor number and password to login in the future.  
  • LOG IN. Once you log in to your homepage look for Work With Consigned Items (Active Inventory) to get started entering items. When you are finished entering you can click I Am Finished for Now and you will be returned to the homepage where you can print tags, view inventory etc.
  • All items MUST be input into our software system by the TAGGING DEADLINE
  • We will NOT accept handwritten tags or tags that have writing on them. If you print and tag an item and then decide you want to change the price, or change it’s discount status, etc., then you must print out a new tag.
  • Once a tag is printed it will display like this:

  • Consignor ID –Your ID will be a 4 digit numerical number assigned to you by our tagging service will automatically print on each tag. You do not need to enter this.             
  • Size – Please enter numerical only (no S, M, L, XL) for children’s items.
    • 0-3 Months, 3-6 Months, 6-9 Months, 9-12 Months, 12 Months, 18 Months, 24 Months, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5,6,7,8,9,10,12,14,16 (18 & 20 boys), Juniors for girls 0,1,3,5,7,9 and 13
    • Use the number on the tag as the top of the size range. For example, a clothing item with a tag that says “3 months” should be marked in our system as “0-3 months”.
    • NOTE: This will stay the same from item to item with out having to enter it for each thing. Save yourself some time and have your piles organized first.
  • Category – You will select this from a drop down menu. NOTE: This will stay the same from item to item with out having to enter it for each thing. Save yourself some time and have your piles organized first.
  • Description – Use this space to sell your item! Is it a name brand? If so, list the name brand in this space. If the item is new, list that information there too. If an item is marked one size but wears like another, point that out.
  • Discount or No Discount – This will tell us what to sell at 50% off during the half-price sale on Saturday. Check the box if you want your item to be sold at half-price during the Saturday sale. If the box is not checked, your item will sell at full-price for the length of the sale. Your tag will only reflect your choice of “REDUCE” (like in above graphic) It is not mandatory for you to discount your items. However, you will sell more if they are discounted.
  • Donate or No Donate – Tell us what items you want to take home with you after the sale. Only check the box if you want to donate the item. A “Yes” will indicate that you will NOT be taking that item back home after the sale and Honey Bee Kidzsignment will be donating the item on your behalf. If the box is not checked the system will default to a NO DONATE designation.
    • NOTE: All items must be picked up at the end of the designated time on Sunday or they will be donated regardless of what is indicated on the tag. Items marked for donation will have the big black circle on the tag (see above graphic). If you item is marked as NO DONATE it will blank in that space.
  • Price – There is a price minimum of $1.00 per tag. You can then price items in increments of 50 cents. Keep this in mind as you are preparing your items. One infant teether or one onesie priced at a dollar might not sell. But, if you bag a bunch of infant toys and bag a few same-size onesies together and mark them for a higher amount like $3 or $4 you are more likely to sell your items and make more money.
  • Don’t make handwritten changes or corrections to your tags. Make a new tag if you make a mistake or change your mind about a price. You will NOT be able to make any changes to your tags once they are checked in to the sale. Changes made by hand or entered without a new tag printing will NOT be honored at check-out.

6. Print Tags


  • First enter in your inventory
  • At the Consignor Homepage you will find the Activities Menu drop down.
  • Click on Work with Consigned Inventory
  • Select Print Tags (if you have already printed some tags, select “Print selected tags”).  Internet Explorer is the recommended browser.  Unfortunately, tags may print a little “off” from a Mac.  The software developer is aware of the issue and recommends that Internet Explorer browser be used. PLEASE DO NOT USE FIREFOX when working with a MAC. Tags print wrong.
  • Use WHITE CARD STOCK ONLY.   NO PAPER or COLOR CARDSTOCK. Our scanners will not work with any color paper.
  • Print tags as they appear- do not re-size or print in grayscale, or they will not scan. Print the tags on the highest quality printer setting as this will help at the check out. 
  • Use one tag per item.  Do not print one tag and make copies for additional like items. Each of your sales items must have a unique barcode.
  • Attach tags to your items according to our instructions above.
  • Don’t have a printer? Use Office Depot or Staples. Have them print and cut the tags for you. To do so: Choose PRINT ALL TAGS AS A PDF, Then DISPLAY TAGS FOR PRINTING, Save the file and email it to your closest store. You will have to ask each store what the printing charge is.
  • LOST TAGS:  Items at the sale that lose their tags will go in the lost and found to be reclaimed by consignors during pick-up.  We always will try to match lost tags to non-tagged items, which is why it is best to have detailed descriptions on your tags.  However, if we can’t, then we will not sell the item. 
  • Make sure your barcodes will scan
















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