Drop Off & Pick Up

These are our procedures for drop off. Please take a few minutes to read so you are prepared when you get there.

Please pick a drop off time that works best for you. The drop off process will likely take you between 20-60 minutes depending on how many items you have.  This is when you will bring your prepared items to the sale. Drop off days are Wednesday 6:30pm-9:00pm and Thursday 9:00am-10:30am. After you register to consign you will be able to select a drop off time on your “Consignor Homepage”.

If you cannot find an open appointment that works for you please contact us at honeybeekidzsignment@gmail.com

Before You Come to Drop Off

  • Clearly mark at least one LARGE plastic tote (like a Rubbermaid bin) with your consignor number on the short side. This will be left at the sale for resorting purposes. Leave your lids at home we just need your bin. If you have lots of items you are bringing to the sale, please leave all of your boxes, bins and baskets labeled clearly with your consignor number on it. If you are planning on donating all your leftover items there is no need for you to leave a plastic tub.
  • Prepare your items using the guidelines provided by Honey Bee Kidzsignments. Click here to review these guidelines.
  • Clothing will be displayed on racks organized by gender and size. Please bring your items organized this way so that the check in process is expedited for you.
  • Check to make sure accessories and loose parts are firmly attached to items you are selling together.
  • Double-check that all of your items have a tag securely attached.
  • Drop off will take approximately 20-60 minutes depending on the number of items you check in. We will check your items and then you will help put them out on the sales floor. 

When You Arrive

  • Look for signs directing you to the drop off location.
  • When you arrive, you may want to come inside and grab a cart to load your items. The gym is located on the lower level. There are stairs or a small elevator you can use to bring your items downstairs.
  • We will then inspect your items.
  • Finally, you will help to put all your items out on the sales floor in the appropriate locations.

Item Inspection

  • Our volunteers will inspect your items to make sure they all adhere to our guidelines. 
  • You may be given back items that we cannot accept. It is very easy to miss a small hole or stain. It happens to all of us!

Before You Leave

  • Make sure your large plastic tote has your consignor number on the short side, as well as any other containers and leave them behind. Remember to take the lids home with you!

Pick Up

Pick up is SATURDAY after the half price sale:

  • Pick Up Times will be communicated to you via email as we get closer to the sale. For your planning purposes it will likely be sometime between 4pm-7pm.
  • All items must be removed from the building at the end of designated drop off end time. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Items not picked up at the end of the designated pick up time will be donated. We must be out of the building on Saturday and don’t have any way to hold onto or transport your leftover items.
  • If you can not make it during the designated pick times please send a friend or relative to pick up your unsold items.
  • Please do not show up early to pick up. Your items will NOT be sorted yet, therefore not ready for you to pick up.
  • Don’t forget to check the Lost & Found!  Any item with a missing tag will not be sold at our sale. 
  • Honey Bee Kidzsignments is not responsible for missing items.

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